Accompanied Viewings

Welcome to 4 Quarters Accompanied Viewings. For vendors and landlords whom are either unavailable or not particularly confident conducting viewings themselves. A few benefits to a Property Viewing Service include;

  1. Providing a more professional outlook towards clients.
  2. Viewers are more honest and spend more time at your property. Feeling less guarded in front of the homeowner/landlord than with a viewing agent.
  3. A negotiator provides a barrier between vendors / landlords and buyers / tenants. They negotiate offers and terms more equitably and can mediate between both sides if necessary.
  4. As agents we view your property with a fresh perspective and enthusiasm. Noting the best features and advantages of your home and communicate this to potential purchasers. 
  5. We want your home to be at its best arriving early to make sure the property is staged as best as possible. With the temperature and lighting adjusted to entice viewers with an excellent first impression. 
  6. Negotiators are available for viewings throughout the day and during weekends, ensuring your property has full exposure at short notice.

Property Viewing Service is available 7 days a week without strict working hours, allowing us to do viewings at times convenient to you and the client. Whether that be an open house, first thing in the morning or late into the evening. Covering London zones 1 & 2 we can either collect a set of keys from you or they can be posted to us by registered mail and on completion we will securely return the keys to you.



£25 (+VAT) for each accompanied viewing (booked appointment) made. We need 24 hours notice for a cancelled viewing. We charge for a viewing if the client does not attend. A 10% discount with a block booking of 10 or more. 

Property within congestion charging incurs an additional cost of £9.00 per accompanied viewing made.