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The First Million Pound Council Flat!

A pair of two-bedroom former council flats have gone on the market for more than £1million each in London – directly above Stella McCartney’s boutique in Fulham.

The neighbouring third-floor apartments, once owned by the borough of Kensington and Chelsea, were sold off to a developer two years ago and underwent refurbishment.

Interior designer Patrick Dougherty is selling the properties in the 1960s block for £1million and £1.15million after paying £720,000 and £660,000 respectively for them.


Pricey: The two-bedroom apartments (circled) were formerly owned by the council but are now on the market for more than £1million

The flats in Brompton Cross, South Kensington, feature two shower rooms, mood lighting, a fully integrated kitchen and wine fridge and hand-crafted chevron flooring throughout.

Annette Greenwood, 60, the only council tenant left on the same floor, said: ‘The houses in this area were built for a purpose, they were for the poorest people, the most vulnerable and the people who we all rely on but can’t afford to buy property in central London like police officers and ambulance drivers.

‘Their homes have just turned into a way for people to make more and more money while ordinary people are forced out.’ 

Modern: The near-identical apartments in South Kensington are marketed as being in ‘a highly sought-after location which hosts an array of local amenities as well as upmarket shops, bars and restaurants’



The two flats are above fashion designer and Beatles legend Paul McCartney’s daughter’s second London boutique in South Kensington

Source : Daily Mail
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