London Property Market, a Buyers Agent View….


Buying property anywhere requires a lot of consideration, analysis, the right amount of expertise, and the London market is no different. Whether you are looking for a property to make an investment, buy a new house or extend your business, the right property decision is crucial as it requires a large amount of money and can lead to many financial issues if not done properly. By hiring the right help through the London estate agency, the service can be tailored according to your needs and you can get exactly what you want without dealing with all the hassle.

Searching for a property in London can be quite daunting and present a lot of challenges. In this case property knowledge, negotiating power and information about market prices and trends becomes very important. The London housing market has slowed down with sales being subdued, as the tightened mortgage lending rules have played a huge role in slowing it down.

It is also important to understand how the pricing is done so that you don’t end up making the wrong choice and paying more than you should. The established pricing method in London is price per square foot but differs considerably from borough to borough. Within each borough, there are significant variations that exist in each street and even from one end of the street to another. Even the flats on different floors of a building can have a variation of price by approximately 30%. The lease terms of each flat will also differ and it is important to be aware and clear of all the terms of the particular lease you are dealing with. With the help of a property finder, you can avail the best deal in the market and make sure the whole process is clear to you.

If you want to rent out your property, you can take the help of a London buyer’s agent and ensure that you minimise any void payments and run the property cost effectively. An agent will also ensure you get the best deal by finding an appropriate tenant and coming up with a suitable agreement. If you are looking to relocate, a relocation agency can make the whole process easier for you by finding the best deals and properties. Relocating in London can prove to be quite difficult and that is why hiring a relocation agency is the right decision to make.

The property market in London is dynamic with frequent changes and trends, making it difficult for the buyer to understand. The number of buyers entering the housing market for instance has dropped compared to last year, but the disconnection that exists between supply and demand pushes up property prices. In London the asking prices fell in March, but continued to rise in some parts of England. The London estate agency deals with such matters constantly, hence they have the capacity as well as experienced property search agents who can do the job effectively.

Hence, before you plan to invest in the volatile London market, seek some help from the agency in order to make the best decision for yourself.