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Buyers Agent, Property Finder & Relocation Agent

We follow an extensive plan of action ensuring we research the market thoroughly, a tried and tested strategy to source the ideal property:

Buyers Agent Sales

Relocation Agent

Buy To Let Investment

House Sitting

Buyers Agent Sales

I – Initial Meeting

First contact will ideally be at your home or workplace and will introduce you to one of our Buyers or Relocation agents who will act as your sole point of contact through your home finding or Relocation. This meeting will communicate your requirements to us and determine how our service can be customised to meet your needs.

II – Property Brief

From the proposed budget and your requirements your Buyers Agent or Relocation Agent will advise on current market conditions, suitable locations, architectural preference, ideal internal arrangement and potential budget constraints.

III – Property Search

The property search process takes between seven to ten days, thereby allowing us to conduct primary research, source adequate properties, perform previews and setup the first property tour. A report will be sent listing the most suitable properties, offering more specific details with which you can vet the shortlist further. If after the first tour we have not found the perfect property more targeted tours will be arranged until the ideal home is found.

IV – The Tour

All viewings will be organised by your home finder at a time convenient to you. We can arrange to collect you and will accompany you throughout the tour offering impartial advice on each property.

V – Negotiation Process

When you have made a final decision and agreed a suitable strategy for your property acquisition we will submit the offer based on comparably priced properties, general condition and overall suitability of your chosen property. 

VI – Conveyancing

From offer through to completion we will liaise with all relevant parties on your behalf, with the intention of securing the purchase of your home quickly and efficiently. 

Relocation Agent 

I – Consultation

After meeting with you to ascertain your property search requirements, preferences and budget our Relocation Agent will offer advice as to the most suitable locations and property styles that would best suit your lifestyle.

II – Previews

As the rental process takes on average two weeks and lettings turnover is high, your relocation agent will comprehensively research the lettings market, previewing as many properties as time will allow, ensuring we have a selection of properties that closely meet your specification.

III – The Tour

All viewings will be organised by your relocation agent at a time convenient to you. We will accompany you throughout the tour offering impartial advice on each property.

IV – Negotiation

Once we have found a suitable property, we oversee all negotiations, completion of credit application forms, any necessary interior refurbishment, and provision of furniture and terms of the tenancy agreement.

Buy to Let Investment 

If you are considering a Buy to let investment 4 Quarters Property Finder offers a bespoke service. We advise on current well-performing areas in the lettings market, potential yields, ideal internal arrangements taking into account local demographics and preferred architectural styles.

Not only can we assist in sourcing a suitable property but can supervise the rental, instructing suitable letting and management agencies. Our aim is to ensure a suitable tenant is secured in a well managed environment, offering you peace of mind that your investment is achieving its full potential.

House Sitting

Whether you are away on holiday or business; divide your time across continents or own multiple properties, having the peace of mind that your greatest asset is taken care of is invaluable. Our House Sitting service covers the management of your home from ensuring utilities are paid to overseeing a refurbishment project and everything inbetween.  Keeping a property in good order needs regular attention and maintenance, we ensure your property is well looked after with an attentive yet discreet eye. 

House Sitting

Regular Property Monitoring 

Expenses account

Utilities Payments 

24 hour Emergency Response

Overseeing Contractors Maintenance/Refurbishment

Gardening and Landscaping 

Storage & Removals