All Yours For 300 Million Pounds!

Over the past few months a 60,000 sq ft, seven storey, 45 bedroom residence has been put up for sale on a strictly off market basis for the princely sum of £300,000,000. Situated in Knightsbridge directly opposite Hyde park it also boast one of the most beautiful locations in London. This is by far the most expensive single residential property ever to go on the market and makes the £140,000,000 price tag for Park Place in Oxfordshire look like chump change. Not only are you paying for an incredible amount of internal space the property boasts, underground parking, swimming pool, several million pounds of gold leaf, lifts and an industrial sized kitchen.

The property was originally four homes until redeveloped and was owned by Rafiq Hariri the late Lebanese Prime Minister. On his assassination in 2005 the property was given as a gift to the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Sultan bin Abdulaziz who himself recently passed away in October.
The stucco-fronted property, initially built as four separate homes, was owned by the late Lebanese Prime Minister Rafiq Hariri.
While being a truly exceptional property one of only a handful anywhere in the world, the astronomical price tag and facing Stamp Duty fees of £21 million  the only potential buyer would either have to be in the Forbes Rich List or be an institutional investor. One thing is for certain, the commission on  such a residence would put a broad smile on any agents face for a while!