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Based in central London covering Home Counties and International searches on request we are perfectly placed to handle any client request quickly and effectively. From Hampstead to Battersea, Kensington to Canary Wharf we are available at a moments notice. Relocations, Property Searches, residential Sales & Lettings we believe in an holistic approach. 

“Discreet, Efficient & Attentive”

Property Finder & Buyers Agent

Our Buyers agent & Relocation service has crossed the globe to source second homes and property investments for our clients', managing assets on their behalf as part of our holistic service. A Property Search Agent will be assigned to you and be your sole point of contact to oversee the entire process from sourcing your new home to handling conveyancing; assembling contractors and tradesmen to managing your household post-sales. We will make your transition as efficient and seamless as possible. 

 Online Estate Agent

Just under 90% of initial property searches are through property portals. Online estate agents use the marketing power of the internet and modern technology to centralise administrative duties greatly reducing their overheads, we pass these savings on to you.

4 Quarters Online Estate Agent offer sales & lettings as well as  accompanied viewings; brokering offers acting as your single point of contact. 



Death is the Exit Strategy!

Over the past six weeks I’ve been discussing UK tax and property, and for the final instalment in the series, I want to consider death as an exit strategy and the implications of this from a tax point of view. It’s not uncommon for an investor to say that “death” …

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Holding Property in a Trust Fund


Leaving a legacy for the children is often a main priority for property investors. Many earnest individuals tell me that they would like to structure their businesses in such a way so that they would, in effect, act as a trust fund. In an ideal scenario, they would like this …

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Indepth look at the French Property Market.


The majority of Rynda Group employees work in France and over the last 14 years the country has been a successful investment location for a range of our clients along the risk spectrum and across the breath of commercial and residential uses. However, all has not been well in the …

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What’s the Future for Generation Rent?

The Resolution Foundation’s depressing claim that one-third of millennials face renting their whole life has made headlines today. But the think tank’s report also contained the encouraging — and unsurprising — revelation that countries building plenty of homes have generally not seen huge price rises, despite low interest rates and …

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Bridging the Generational Divide.


The Government has shown in recent months that it is serious about tackling the lack of housing supply in the UK property market. From setting the target of building 300,000 homes every year to proposed reforms that encourage home extensions in built-up areas, Theresa May has put solving the housing …

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Best Performing Neighbourhoods in London for Property Investment


It’s no secret that London’s housing market has slipped over the last several years, largely due to an uncertain political climate and new stamp duty taxes. But in addition to recent evidence that the markets may be stabilizing, there are some London neighborhoods that experts predict will outperform others.   …

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Homes in Britain Cost more than they need to?


How can we end the housing crisis? Would a better planning system ensure more well-designed homes with local support where they are most wanted, over time making homes more affordable than they would otherwise be? Of course it would. When it comes to whether or not something should be done …

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Protest at Auction of Social Housing in London


Tenants opposed to the social cleansing of city centres will protest outside an auction at a luxury hotel where property developers and private landlords will bid for £7.2m worth of former social flats and houses. Nearly one in 10 of the lots, which are being auctioned by leading estate agent …

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Separate Homes Bringing Couples Together

It’s more than having a sink of one’s own. Interior designers and architects are creating separate spaces that simultaneously reflect differing tastes and bring couples together in their home The growing trend for separate ‘his and hers’ spaces, including bedrooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms and studies, might suggest that when space …

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The Most Expensive Property Rentals in the World…..Probably!


In New York City, luxury rents average £2,300 (US$3,238) per week, making the city home to the most expensive prime rentals in the world, according to an analysis being released tomorrow by the Savills World Research team. The price increase of 5.4% from last year has been aided by a …

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