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4 Quarters Ltd: London Property Finder & Buyers Agent. Online Estate Agency, Luxury Concierge Service and Lifestyle Management.

“Discreet, Efficient & Attentive”

Based in central London we are perfectly placed to handle any client request quickly and effectively. From Hampstead to Battersea, Kensington to Canary Wharf we are available at a moments notice.

Property Finder & Buyers Agent

Our Buyers agent & Relocation specialists have crossed the globe from Miami to Dubai to source second homes and property investments for our clients, managing their assets on their behalf all part of our service.

Concierge Service & Lifestyle Management

Not all of us have the luxury of a personal assistant to hand, however being only a phone call away from our concierge service and lifestyle management comes a very close second. Our services include but are not limited to, personal shopping, luxury purchases, errand service, event management, household management & remote personal assistance. We now have an app London Life, which brings a new level of convenience to our concierge and lifestyle management services.

Online Estate Agent

Just under 90% of initial property searches are through property portals. Online estate agents use the marketing power of the internet and modern technology to centralise administrative duties greatly reducing their overheads, we pass these savings on to you.

4 Quarters Online Estate Agent offer sales & lettings conducting viewings and brokering offers acting as your single point of contact. 

Decline in UK Housebuilding.

A fall in housebuilding ahead of the EU referendum has halted construction sector in May as firms mothballed projects and delayed new work. Housing construction fell 3.2% during the month the biggest drop since February 2014. The UK’s biggest housebuilder, Barratt, said it could reduce the rate at which it builds …

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Heavy Investment in Property from Sovereign Wealth Funds.

Sovereign wealth funds are piling into property at an unprecedented pace in a bid to improve performance as the world’s largest investors grapple with low interest rates. State-backed investment vehicles, which are used by countries either to save for a rainy day or to provide money for future generations  

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Cost of Renting a One Bedroom Apartment Greatly Increases.

The cost of renting a one-bedroom property in the UK has risen to almost half of the average young worker’s pay, while those living in London are typically paying over 57% of their monthly wages. The average cost of a new tenancy on a one-bedroom home hit £746 a month …

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Will Brexit bring UK property doom or years of future boom?

The Effect of the European Referendum on the UK Property Market.   www.4qtrs.com Article Financial Times. 

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Developers taking Outdoor Space more seriously!

  Gardens – whether private or communal, small estates or balconies – have never been more important to British homeowners and tenants in search of relief from their increasingly busy lives. Now, after decades of developers squeezing more and more units on to small parcels of land, the message seems …

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Stamp Duty Effects House Price Inflation


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EU Referendum halts the Luxury property market.


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Huf Haus


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Stamp Duty U Turn


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Micro Living in Hong Kong


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